Kathy Heckman’s Story

Kathy Heckman’s Story The Echoes of Idiots A Report by the Subject of Exposure to a Non-Lethal Weapons Program funded under H.A.A.R.P. TOP SECRET (shhh . . .)Contents: 1. Overview/Critique 2. They’ve Finally Found a Way . . . 3. Non-Lethal Weapons — What they Do and What They Say 4. Special Effects, or Fear of Shag Carpeting 5. A Political Opinion 6. Advice from a SurvivorKathy Heckman’s contact information Overview/Critique”In the line of fire . . . (not really)” The government has mind reading equipment! No wires, tubes or location specific apparatus necessary. Not content to read minds, they synchronize repeated garbage messages with background noise to constantly occupy said read mind.We’ve all had friends who loved to hear themselves talk; now we have civil servants who like to hear us think what they talk. This issupposed to drive us crazy, and I can almost grasp their genius. Listening to them can drive one crazy and hearing ones mind echotheir nonsense is akin to being locked in an echo chamber with Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoeing Thru the Tulips” playing nonstop. I know,because since 1994 I’ve been subjected to the echoes of idiots.The Good ‘Ol Days/Or, the Chinese are going to love this . . .While the shock jocks that get paid to talk all day, and do not much else, want to convince us that they rule the world, as a non-lethalweapon this is going to comically be in high demand. It seems that in their conversations with me they’re mostly interested in a cheapmethod of phone sex. Consider it spending all day on a “900” line without having to sell the farm. I guess we’re planning onmasturbating the Chinese into compliance. In some future envisioned military maneuver, we’ll witness terrified scurrying masses ofChinese woman running through the streets with the repeated message “Your pussy is vibrating” reverberating in their brains whiletheir husbands samari the balls off of their neighbors, who they’ll be hearing are responsible for this mayhem. Makes you kind of longfor the old Godzilla days, when to be eaten was actually to be consumed. Of course, the government expects a mass exodus ofAmerican woman to China during this period where, to quote the movie “When Harry Met Sally”, they’ll want to have what she’shaving for lunch.Millions of dollars are being spent under H.A.A.R.P. by the Senate on this military and Justice Department program. Do we need apsychological Vietnam? Aren’t Americans tired of losing? The Senate is being manipulated in a very expensive way.Contents They’ve Finally Found a Way . . . While the following actions appear overwhelming, I’ve found that while “sticks and stones may break your bones” boredom is the realkiller. Hearing repeated messages for any length of time is extremely boring. Now we knew the government was up to something withit’s 40 page EZ tax instructions, it’s unemployment lines and triplicate forms, but exposure to these “geniuses” is indeed mind numbing.Which begs the question, how can they expect to manipulate our minds when they’re spending so much energy on putting them tosleep? Oh well, who am I to question the “powers that be?” With this in mind, here’s a general list of these awesome techniques.Contents Non-Lethal Weapons — What they Do and What they Say 1. Emotional bombardment: Feelings of loss: “Don’t go to work today”, “It’s your employer doing this”, “It’s your fault this is happening to you”, “You lost custody of your daughter because . . .” Feelings of helplessness: “The police department are in on this”, “Everybody thinks you are . . .”, “We’re the FBI, CIA, Department of Justice.” Inflammatory sexual images: “You’re a lesbian”, “Your boyfriend says (here they pretend one of the shock jocks is my boyfriend).” “You want to walk the streets for a living”. 2. Time: Three years as of this date (May, 1997) I’ve tried to end this without any help coming. Plus frustration causes anger that cannot be released in a normal fashion. 3. Ethical attachments: Everything I knew, or know or will know about anybody else is not a secret to the government. Also, people I love are verbally threatened. I work at a bank and have access to personal account information that should not be shared. Am I to limit my employment options because someone “out there” is listening in? There is another consideration. Every personal thought I have is not private, often repeated back to me. If I see a heavy person, I might think they are fat but I wouldn’t want my thoughts to be shared and to hurt them. At times, it’s appeared that my thoughts were being broadcast. 4. Attempt to cause overreaction: Normal cautions and feelings of fear (especially in this strange situation) are used to create false paranoia. One is told their paranoid for normal feelings, and yet at the same time they are told that virtually every person they know is responsible. This ranges from a customer at work, your mother, your landlord, the local cop, everyone (including the aliens from another planet routine). Sorry, they’re way too human. Also, as I write letters to the Senate for help, I am told that the Senator from Massachusetts is listening in, and “What do I think of Senator Kennedy?”. 5. Corruption of pleasurable associations: If I look at a newborn, I’m told I’m a child molester. If I notice what a woman is wearing, I’m told I’m a lesbian. If I have a date, I’m told he’s a drug dealer. 6. Bribery: Normal wishes, wants and desire are used to try to get the victim to do something they would never do. “If you: walk the streets/stop writing letters/stay in one place/go crazy we’ll leave you alone.” 7. Self love into self loathing: Hearing the same word sequences repeated, one learns the routine and can’t help but mentally finish the sentence, forcing false self testimony. Just as one knows slogans from advertising campaigns such as “It takes a lickin and keeps on _________(ticken)”, my brain knows the end of these repeated messages and sometimes can’t help but finish the sentence. They repeat “There’s marijuana in”, I finish “my menthol cigarette”. Contents Special Effects, Or Fear of Shag CarpetingYes, now we’ve reached the most difficult and incredible section. FX — government style. You haven’t known fear, you haven’tassessed the mettle of your character (who could?) until you’ve had wall to wall white shag carpeting inserted into your REM sleep. Ishake as I write! We’re talking dream manipulation. Yes, they can and they do! We report wanton nights of partying while asleep,Kevin Costner refusing me a steak, and the dreaded white shag. We’ve had a sad soul place his head on my dreaming chest and tellme he fights for a living, and I believe he does! Needless to say, they refuse my request for more of Kevin and leave me shaking inmy sheets.Other real manipulations: 1. Lying in bed and hearing a single whispered voice seeming to come from a corner of my room. 2. Driving my car and feeling electric shocks from the steering wheel and gas pedal (while being told that there was a bomb in my car). 3. Being held for three days in jail for reporting this and being put into a male prison outfit, the lights not being turned off at night, steam coming from the vents, and seeing my reflection in glass appear to wrinkle before my eyes. Feeling shocks to my feet and being told by the voices that if I paced I’d emerge half man and half woman. Joy of all joys! I went for it! 4. Being told I start fires from a distance and seeming to see sparks. Being at a mall and seeming to hear people talk without moving their lips. Seeing the images on my television reflect perverse behavior (more than usual!). Being told there were different ways to communicate and that my daughter and friends were learning a different way than I and that I would not be able to talk to them. Being afraid that my daughter was being “recruited” by these agents over the phone. 5. Driving home (straight as an arrow) in Ventura County, CA and seeing a vision of landing craft, aka Star Wars. Seeming to see people in a race war outside of my window when in fact no one was outside. 6. Being followed by government vehicles.Contents A Political OpinionJust as a percentage of battered children will batter their own, so will a percentage of people subjected to psychological battery reactwith violence, either to others or themselves (suicide). We are told that law enforcement is doing this, that we are already guilty ofcrimes and some are arrested for reporting this or hospitalized against their will. We are being manipulated into an “outlaw” way ofthinking, i.e. “What do I have to lose”. We are then subconsciously and consciously pushed to vividly feel the loss that we haveexperienced from mind control in our lives. Jobs, families, homes, respect. Battered, “outlaw” labeled, hurt and angry — what othergoal but violence could these agents have?The prosecution in the Oklahoma City bombing trial was quoted (San Francisco Examiner, March 23, 1997) as saying TimothyMcVeigh was motivated because he believed the government was involved in a massive plot of assassination and mind control. Washe a mind control subject?Why would the government cultivate domestic terrorism? To gain the right to openly use an illegal weapon it has sunk decadesof time and billions of dollars into. Assassination, bombings, etc. can sway mainstream opinion toward accepting the loss of our civilliberties (like the right to private thought) to gain security. In a fear-ridden climate, mind reading technology can become commonknowledge with the justification that it will be used to catch the “bad guys”. Meanwhile, who in the government, including politicians,will come forward and speak out against mind control when it could be revealed that the government had prior knowledge of crimesand might even have pushed people into violence and did nothing to stop it.So the government is victimizing citizens, manipulating their subconscious to further violent crime to justify demolishing the very civilliberties which, if the law was enforced today, would have stopped this crime, ending the cycle of violence and repression before it

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