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My Life Depends on You! An Attempt To Speak Out To Save Myself Before It’s Too Late For Me and For all of Us By Martti Koski E-mail Martti at: makako@netti.fiContents Introduction Newspaper Article Letter My Story Why Me? Fighting Back Why Does Nobody Speak Out? It’s Not As If It Hasn’t Happened Before Early Experiments After World War II The CIA and Mind Control Experiments Telemetric Brain Manipulation Canadian Government’s Hard of Hearing Technique What Has Happened? How To Help You Help Me Also If You: BibliographyIntroductionWinnipeg, 1952. Agencies of the Canadian government co- operate with the United States Air Force in “experiments” of biologicalwarfare involving the aerial spraying of contaminants over the entire city of Winnipeg.Montreal, 1958. Doctors at McGill University use their patients as unknowing “human guinea pigs” in CIA-funded experi- ments withLSD.Toronto, 1979 The RCMP admit to deliberately falsifying the medical records of political activist Ross Dowson. The police distributefalse reports of Dowson’s mental instability to discredit him with his followers.Today Martti Koski , a Finnish immigrant in Canada believes he has been targeted by the RCMP as the latest “guinea pig” in bizarreexperiments in mind control and “telepathic terrorism” using microwaves.These few examples represent just a tiny portion of the whole range of “dirty tricks” by authorities that have come to light in recentyears. But, even a complete list of what we know would be limited because it would only be a list of what we know. What we don’tknow must be the real concern. And as Martti Koski’s story reveals, what we don’t know is probably hurting us.ContentsThe Leader-PostRegina, SaskatchewanSaturday, Dec. 13, 1980 Five Canadians Suing CIA over Experiments in 1950’SVancouver (CP) – Robert Logie says he was a guinea pig for the United States Central Intelligence Agency, and constantly relives anightmare of hospital brainwashing sessions that in- cluded hallucinogenic injections and massive electric shocks.He and four other Canadians launched a $5 million suit this week in Washington against the U.S. government. They are claim- ing $1million each in damages from what they say was a CIA- funded multi-million-dollar research experiment into the behavior of drug-induced patients.Logie, a 42-year-old reclusive bachelor, said in an inter- view his troubles are connected to Montreal hospital LSD experi- ments hewas subjected to in the late 50s.(…………..)Logie says he was a “human guinea pig” for a CIA drug exper- iment program called MKULTRA Sub Project 68, one of a series ofCIA-sponsored schemes to test interrogation, behavior control and brainwashing.He said the CIA paid Cameron at least $60,000 to conduct the mind-control experiments and an additional $35,000 went to McGillin the form of grants to the psychiatry department.Logie said a U.S. agency called the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology was a front organization for the CIA program.Logie said he arrived here in 1968 with no knowledge of who he was or where he was. He said he slept under a bridge for five nightsbefore going to the police. A Vancouver relative identi- fied him after a newspaper printed his photograph.”I don’t know if my amnesia is related to the LSD experi- ments,” he said. “All I know is that the nightmare never stops.”ContentsLetterFriends,I know what I am about to tell you will sound bizarre, almost beyond belie–RCMP surreptitious testing of a telepathic amplifier thatworks with microwaves to control people’s minds and bodies, voices in the air, spy schools, interrogation, toxic gas–I know howcrazy it all sounds.I know your first reaction will likely be to dismiss me as some kind of a “kook” who has sadly lost touch with reality. I know if Ihadn’t been victimized by this “experimentation” I would probably react the same way. But I am asking you not to.I am asking you to take a few minutes to read through this pamphlet, to think about other things we all know have happened thattested our belief and trust in those in charge of our socie- ty, to reflect on the story I have to tell and finally, to give me the benefit ofyour doubt.For, if there is, in your mind, the slightest chance what I have to tell holds some truth, doesn’t it demand and deserve your furtherconcern?I know my story sounds like the plot from some low budget science fiction spy thriller that could never happen in real life. Theproblem is it did happen in my life. And it could happen in yours if you don’t join me in my battle today to expose and resist thisattack on human dignity.I may have been one of the first victims of this sinister program; but, without your help, you can be sure I will not be the last victim.Martti KoskiJanuary 1981OttawaContents My StoryIn the beginning I simply thought I was slowly going mad.I knew it wasn’t normal to hear “voices” and mine were with me for two to three hours every day. I felt they came at me through theceiling from the suite above me.But, I wasn’t really worried. I had resigned myself to the thought I was suffering from some sort of neurotic disorder–impossible toget rid of, but harmless enough. Then, in the late summer of 1979, after four years of this “talk”, things suddenly got a lot worse.I seemed to lose control of most of my normal body functions and emotions. It was as if someone or something could control mysleep, my sense of smell and taste. Food was, by turns, made to taste very salty or acidic. Sexual functions, urination, bowelmovements and basic metabolism–all were affected.Finally, I couldn’t even work. I’m a welder and I came to be unable to breathe in any air contaminated with carbon dioxide. It mademe salivate excessively and foam at the mouth.By now “the voices” were with me 24 hours a day. I was being talked to every waking hour. I was allowed minimal sleep–about anhour a day. If I left my apartment I immediately became very drowsy, yet indoors I could not sleep.My heartbeat became erratic and finally uncontrollable. In December, 1979, I was admitted to the University of Alberta Hospital inEdmonton, the victim of a “heart attack”.It was in the hospital I first suspected I was the victim of something more sinister than my body’s own normal reaction to physical oremotional illness.For the first time the “voice” identified itself. It told me it was a spokesman for the RCMP and that I had been selected for “training”as a spy. The first phase of my training would be to learn how to survive in a Russian insane asylum. The hospital would serve as mytraining ground.I remained in the hospital for three days, the subject of many bizarre and strange encounters and experiments. In one instance, I wasgiven medication but simultaneously warned by “the voice” not to take it as it was poisoned. When I did take it, I suffered heartpalpitations.I was warned not to go into a certain room. But I was later lured into it by a “doctor” and then subjected to interrogation and abattery of “tests” related to sexual functions and organs.The interrogation began with an electric shock being applied to my penis. Then the telepathic talk of the voice encouraged me tomasturbate to avoid becoming impotent. But, I was unable to achieve ejaculation.The “voice” warned me if I failed to ejaculate I would suffer extreme consequences; my scrotum would become elongated and Iwould have to be operated on. When I left this interrogation room and went back to my hospital room, the old man sharing it with meexposed himself to me, revealing a scrotum about 15 centimeters long.These kind of sexual and genital “experiments” carried on throughout my whole time in the hospital.During my time in the hospital I was also unable to sleep due to severe headaches that seemed to be induced each time I attempted tosleep.When I left the hospital I returned to my apartment. But, I soon again experienced problems with my breathing and extremeheadaches.I decided to flee my home to seek release from the problems that were hounding me.I stayed away from my apartment for 10 days, living in cheap hotels–but I was not left alone. My sleep continued to be disrupted;my bladder ruptured twice because I had somehow lost the ability to sense the need to urinate.I decided to look for help again at the hospital. But it was the same as the first time–it was still a “spy school” where I was “intraining”.This time the “training” involved stealing shirts and engaging in a kind of black market where cigarettes were used to “buy” servicesfrom other patients (inmates).

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