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StopPsyWar.comPsywar Problems.Also See Psywar Solutions andHistory of TI Political Activism. [6/3/12] Also,,,,,,,,,,, and Also see What’s New Revised 1/3/15.     email: [since 9/7/10]Psywar, noun. 1. A phrase used by FBI SID black ops workers (or workers who routinely identify themselves as FBI SID and/or COINTELPRO) to describetheir paid illegal harassment work in a very hi-tech black ops covert dirty and illegal psychological war against targeted individuals (or TIs) in Americathat uses a mix of illegally used covert LRADs, very hi-tech illegally used covert anti-brain and anti-technology beam weapons, and paid illegal dailygangstalking and harassment.  You can click here for an expanded dictionary definition of psywar.”Thou shalt not bear false witness.  Thou shalt not steal.  Thou shalt not murder.”– 3 of the Ten Commandments, approx. 3,300 year old moral commandments.Problems  Click here to view the problems. Solutions Click here to view the solutions.   Also see the History of TI Political Activism. [6/3/12]       LRADs or Mind Political Intro to psywar Beam Weapons Cartoons Sound Beams Reading Assassinations is a If you’re a TI or targeted individual, get your political networking, support, and Freedom from Covert Surveillance and 5-HTP EMF shielding activism website for TIs or targeted Harassment FFCHS membership card for individuals. $20.   Brain Invaders Video MKULTRA Non-lethal   Mind Control Video Beam Weapons Video video weapons [2/23/13] Detecting Covert Electronic Psywar Harassment Freeing Stopping 2015 Stopping TI people from Quitting illegal cult  business cards, mini-poster, and Learn how to COINTELPRO  survival cult mind FBI SID drugs Top Secret America mind control posterboard poster. Future war tech video Weather Warfare Video detect psywar control  (intro or chart) trouble Solutions for Targeted Individuals    Step 1: Stop talking, silently assert your 5th Amendment rights, stay calm, and privatelyA brief introduction to psywar info on the Internet solutions pageTechnology Update: Beam Weapons, Technological mind reading and   Learn how to detect hi-tech political persecution and discover if you are or might have been atechnological victim of hi-tech political persecution.  (Note: this link goes to the problem section.)mind control are now technological realities.   Get a quick instant basic understanding of a covert hi-tech electronic anti-brain beam weapon    Technological Innovation psywar hit    Beam Weapons   Advice for surviving psywar       1. LRAD and sound beam technology and its overt and covert deployment.   Boosting your self-confidence, willpower, and serotonin levels using 5-HTP       1.1. LRAD and sound beam technology.  LRADs are long range acoustical devices.       1.2. Overt and covert deployment of LRADs and sound beam technology.   How to shield your brain against electromagnetic/EMF beam weapons [3/25/11]       2. Anti-brain and anti-eyesight dazzler beam weapons, including the Dazer Laser, LED incapacitator,     EMF Shielding Basicsmilitary optical distracters, the PHASR beam weapon rifle, etc.       2.1 The Dazer Laser Dazzler Beam Weapon     Getting Zapped/Transpondered and Unzapped/Untranspondered, and Possible Evasion Tactics       3. Crowd dispersal and/or pain beam weapons.     Warnings About the Dangers of Anti-Brain Beam Weapon Technology       4. Pirate TV and/or radio broadcasting using (wide area and/or focused) beam technology.       5. Military lethal warfare beam weapons.     Advanced Stationary Magnetic EMF Brain Shielding       6. HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska, and other extremely long     Stealth EMF Shielding and Radar/Microwave Absorbing Materialrange ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) beam weapons.     Additional EMF Shielding ideas        7. Top Secret anti-electronics beam weapons, including EMP weapons.  These include weapons formonitoring, jamming, remotely controlling, and/or destroying electronic circuits, particularly computers     Previous Detailed EMF Shielding Ideasand electromagnetic loudspeakers.  (Probably also includes the use of commercial electronic remote   Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillancecontrol technology.)       8. Top Secret anti-brain beam weapons, including mind reading and mind control anti-brain beamweapons.    Commercial Mind Reading Technology   History of TI Political Activism– Now on its own separate page [6/3/12]      TI Activism History by Eleanor White    Top Secret Mind Control and Mind Reading Technology [Revised 3/27/13]      Freedom Is an Essential American Value       US Human Rights Organizations    Mind Reading and Mind Control Are Both Illegal and Unconstitutional      Exposing and Stopping Political Repression from 1960-1974Videos about psywar documenting mind control, beam weapons, MKULTRA, top      Trying to reform the CIA and FBI from 1975-1978secret America, weather warfare, etc.      Challenging the Secret Government in 1975-1976: An outsider’s view      An Overview of Intelligence Reform: An insider’s viewOvert and Suspected Covert Political Assassinations in America 1953-2011.       TI Education and Activism 1978-nowNow posted at     Explanation   Manuals for surviving psywar      Songs commemorating U.S. political activist martyrs   Avoiding Trouble With the Police (including What To Do If You’re Stopped by the Police, by the     Detailed list and chart of overt and suspected covert U.S. political assassinations from 1953-2011    Learn how to detect hi-tech political persecution and discover if you are or ACLU and Know Your Rights!  What to do if questioned by the police, FBI, customs, or immigrationmight have been a victim of hi-tech political persecution.  officers, by the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild.),Ryan, Desiree, and Amber are common FBI SID aliases   Solutions for Political Activists and OrganizationsDefining PsywarInternet Links About PsyWar, Electronic Harassment, Targeted Individuals, Mind   Security for Activists   The War at Home– Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About it.Control, etc. [5/15/11]   Why You Should NOT Work for the FBI SID, Black Ops, PsyWar, Mind Control,Political Cartoons About Psywar Mind Reading, and/or Gang Stalking Workers [2/28/12] 2015 business cards (12/10), mini-poster, and posterboardposter. Solutions for FBI SID psywar workers   Coping with an illegal psywar zap speed stalk and harass cult mentality and widespread FBI SID  methamphetamine speed drug addiction. 2015 business cards (12/10), mini-poster, and posterboard poster.A brief introduction to psywar info on the Internet.  The first version of this info was posted on 6/25/07 at–psywar info in preparation for the ACLU’s 6/26/07 human rights rally in DC at the US Capital.  The firstversion of this info was moved on 9/14/10 to 2. A brief introduction to psywar info on the Internet in the 6/25/07 blog entry at Alleged Silent Sound Spread Spectrum orSSSS or s-quad mind control signalgenerator.  Alleged U.S. DoD and U.S. blackops mind control technology.     Electronic warfare, aka psywar, psychotronic warfare, mind control, synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring (RNM), non-lethal weapons, directed energy weapons (DEW),Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or SSSS or s-quad, and various other names, is an amazing story of U.S. government top secret cold war unconventional sound manipulation and anti-brain beam weapons research and development gone completely awry and out of control.  The same technological revolution that brought TVs and stereos, computers, the Internet,and satellite TV also brought amazingly still officially “top secret” sound beam and anti-brain beam weapons routinely aimed and used against a small number of targeted individuals(or TIs) in America and the world, and routinely aimed against the loudspeakers of some large social change rallies.     There is a wealth of information about anti-brain electronic warfare in America, most of it from survivors’ websites.  Hundreds of psywar victims have at least briefly posted theirstories on the Internet in this old archived list of psywar and mind control victims, but the top secret details about exactly who is zapping victims with precisely what zappingtechnology are either missing or speculation.  (Ed’s psywar harassers routinely describe themselves as FBI SID or COINTELPRO, but apparently most psywar harassers want completeanonymity.)  Here’s a quick summary:     1. An old 2005 FACT SHEET: DRAFT VERSION (Still Under Revision): Non-lethal Electronic Warfare– Possible Electronic Attacks Against Individuals vs. Personal Privacy andSecurity in the 21st Century, a draft article by Ed Harding, explains how increasing technology is undermining everyone’s privacy.  It also provides a quick introduction to theelectromagnetic spectrum.     2. The first American national human rights anti-electronic-warfare-persecution and/or torture rally was held on June 17, 2006.  One of the sponsoring groups was Freedom fromCovert Harassment and Surveillance at  A previous national rally attempt was rained out on Oct. 8, 2005.     3. The best most recent article documenting claims of electronic warfare/psywar persecution and/or torture is Thought Wars (also titled “Mind Games”, by Sharon Weinberger,published Jan. 14, 2007 in The Washington Post. This article is posted at  Also, a 100dpi 19MB pdf version and a 200dpi 75MB pdf versionof Thought Wars are posted at this website,     4. An excellent scholarly introduction to psywar and mind control is the Mind Control Information Center at     5. TI Info on “Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment” at is provided by Eleanor White, a leading TI researcher whose mainwebsite used to be Some of her earlier profilic research can probably be found using google.     6. An excellent academic website on psywar is , previously CAHRA, by Cheryl Welsh.     7. A old archival list of more than 500 self-claimed psywar/mind control survivors and their brief stories can be found at an archived version of the original archived mind controlforums website [caution: URL contains unknown Java] that was originally at  Eleanor White added her own introduction [presumed safe to view] to the originalarchived mind control forums website [caution: URL contains unknown Java].  (Their listing for EdH is not Ed Harding, by the way.)     8. The History Channel has produced an excellent 45 minute video Mind Control: America’s Secret War.  It is a relatively easy to watch history of CIA mind control experimentsincluding project MKULTRA and how these often illegal mind control experiments violated US laws, violated human rights, and hurt their often unsuspecting victims.  The videocorrectly guesses at the end of the video that advanced electromagnetic beam weaponry is now used for electronic mind control but provides no details of the latest mind controltechnology.  It can be seen for free here or seen for free elsewhere on the Internet.  You can also buy the DVD from or buy the DVD from the History Channel.     9. The well known left-wing news watchdog group Project Censored has begun to address this issue, producing the article US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights in Dec.2006.  (They sent webmaster Ed Harding an email requesting additional info when they wrote their article.)     10. Journalist Will Thomas investigated U.S. military psywar or electronic psychological warfare in Iraq and wrote Microwaving Iraq [and an earlier version] and a more detailed for salereport Bad Vibes in Baghdad (an ebook that was once for sale for $7.99).  Will Thomas earlier reported in Bad Vibes in Baghdad that Shiite militia leader Sadr was one U.S. army mindcontrol (or at least brain disablement) target in Iraq.     11. In 2004 author Jon Ronson revealed a military report titled Nonlethal weapons: Terms and References, written by military experts, including Dr. John B. Alexander.  However,note that the executive summary states “The category of nonlethal weapons that offers the capability for information warfare has not been included in this paper because of itsassociation with that distinct form of conflict.”  In other words, psychological warfare or psywar weapons, including mind control weapons, are specifically excluded from this detailedreport.     12. A 10/05 article on discussions about the military use of electronic warfare, including U.S. military use of electronic warfare in Iraq.  William M. Arkin’s EarlyWarnings article, “Microwaves, Lasers, Retired Generals for Sale” states:      “The buzz on the floor [at “this week’s [2005] Association of the United States Army (AUSA) [2005] Annual Meeting & Exposition at the Washington Convention Center”] was”directed energy” laser, high-powered microwaves, and acoustic weapons that are getting a boost from the prolonged fighting in Iraq.  Supporters are hoping that these new exotictechnologies will help in the battle against improvised explosive devices and in countering snipers and hidden insurgents.     Directed energy is also the star of this week’s Air Force Futures Game 05, being held at Booz Allen Hamilton in Herndon. The game, which posits a major war in the 2025 time frame,has high powered microwave and laser weapons zapping the bad guys.”     13. An alleged NSA psywar mind control manual using electronic warfare/psywar technology has already been leaked on the Internet.  Note: the FBI SID’s covert dirty psywar program is muchmeaner and probably much more extensive than NSA’s limited psywar program allegedly documented on the Internet.  (Also, the appended Newshawk article does NOT appear to be hard documented evidence.)     14. Emotiv systems has produced and started selling in 2008 the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset, a commercial unclassified off-the-shelf-technology mind reading device that isenvisioned for voluntary use as a video game controller.  As of 3/20/13 it sells for $299 and the Emotive EEG neuroheadset sells for $750.  This commercially available mind readingdevice has been reviewed in Aug.-Setp. 2008 by, c|net, USA Today, and BusinessWeek [expired link].   The review also worries about possible future mind controlapplications of mind reading technology.  Brain waves are very personal and should be 100% private data.  Cheap commercial mind reading technology could be misused to let others(for example, Internet hackers, parents, investigators, prison guards, teachers, and/or even bosses) have access to your personal brainwave data, and opens up a Pandora’s box ofOrwellian mind reading and mind control possibilities.Note: the first 2 pictures are demo versions of the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset.  The third picture is the initial production version.     15. Believe it or not, it is now top secret scientific fact that advanced electronic psywar or mind control technology includes the ability to extremely precisely zap electronic impulsesinto the targeted individual’s brain and central nervous system, mimicking many CNS (central nervous system) or PNS (peripheral nervous system) nerve cell to brain messages,presumably some CNS brain to nerve cell messages, and the brain’s internal hearing and thinking processes.  This includes the ability to zap thoughts into a person’s brain and toremotely electronically order the central nervous system to feel a wide range of sensations (including happiness, stress, fear, and/or depression) and/or electronically issue brain-to-human muscle commands that were previously the exclusive domain of the targeted individual’s brain.     Basically, top secret scientific research cracked the electronic code of the human CNS and PNS (central nervous system and peripheral nervous system) and allows brain zappersequipped with state-of-the-art brain zapping technology to remotely zap the target’s brain and CNS and PNS (central nervous system and peripheral nervous system) in a way similarto an elaborate electronic remote control device zapping and remotely controlling different electronic remotely controlled machines.  It results in dual control (remote control pluscontrol by the targeted individual’s or TI’s brain) of the TI’s CNS and PNS.     16. Believe it or not, it is now top secret scientific fact that a targeted individual’s brain waves can be remotely monitored and the targeted individual’s previously private thoughtscan be swiped by U.S. federal government workers using advanced psywar or mind reading technology.  (Also, this top-secret technology has existed for at least 15-25 years, definitelysince 1992 and probably since 1982 or even before 1982.)     17. Using this technology, remotely conducted brain zapping and subliminal message instructions now make electronic “mind control” a new technological reality.  (FBI SID worker Jay Pendelton, for example, said at 12:44pm on 6/23/07, “…I am a mind controller”, and he earns more than $100k/year to electronically whisper abusive/evil/BS subliminal mindcontrol crap into targeted individual’s Ed Harding’s ear/brain.)     18. Remote neural monitoring, or RNM, is the technology technology one psywar/mind control victim, John St. Clair Akwei, claims that NSA has used against him.  FBI SID workersJay, B2, and Ditsy have claimed more than once that their technology is similar in that they can usually only zap and affect one major sense (for example, touch, taste, or sight) atonce.     19. In addition to Ed Harding, ex-FBI agent and whistleblower Geral W. Sosbee, activist Charles Ansellem and targeted individual James F. Marino also claim to be victims of FBIpsywar.  Ex-FBI agent and whistleblower Geral W. Sosbee, activist Charles Ansellem, and targeted individual James F. Marino all have a lot of complaints about FBI psywarpersecution.  Most psywar victims have no idea who persecuted them.     20. NSA psywar victim John St. Clair Akwei managed to file a lawsuit against NSA after being a NSA electronic warfare victim beginning in 10/90.  (The family of deceased psywarvictim Frank Olsen, who died after being dosed with LSD by MKULTRA, was eventually provided $750,000 in compensation by Congress decades later.)     21. Some self-described victims of what they perceived as alien UFO encounters, at “Stop Alien Abductions” or, for example, may well have been victims of U.S.or other governments’ top secret psywar programs.  The webmaster of describes a “telepathy war” that sounds remarkably like covert U.S. government psywar,and he even describes very primitive velostat carbon-based EMF shielding to protect the brain of a victim and target of a “telepathy war” or the victim and target of top secret anti-brainbeam weapons used in a covert psywar.     22. According to Wikipedia, 3 US states, Massachusetts, Maine, and Michigan, have anti-electronic harassment laws.  Other laws on the books could be used against electronicwarfare psywar zappers/criminals but almost always are not used at this point in time.     Also, according to, there is a “2001 Russian law banning electromagnetic weapons”.  (But that doesn’t guarantee 100% compliance with that law in Russia.)     23. The Space Preservation Act, initially proposed by Congressman Kucinich in 2001, attempted to ban all non-lethal mind control and other exotic weapons in space, specificallyattempting to ban “psychotronic”, “mind control” and other “exotic” weapons from space.  The 2002, 2003, and 2005 versions of The Space Preservation Act, proposed Congressionallegislation but not yet federal law, do not specifically include “mind control” weapons in the list of weapons prohibited in space.  [FYI, wikipedia editor Wehwalt deleted this important wikipedia entry onDec. 29, 2008.]     24. claims that U.S. satellites play an important role in psywar and claims that U.S. satellites beam sound harassment at targeted individuals and locations. Ed has been targeted with overt sound beam harassment 24/7/365 for more than 2 years and he believes it is very probable that at least some of this sound beam harassment is U.S.satellite-based.     25. Lone star consulting claims to an expert in electronic harassment and mind control technology.  As of 3/7/12, they have discontinued their extremely detailed free defendingagainst mind control tutorial.  Also, as of 3/7/12, Advanced Electronic Security Company, a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services company, also acknowledgessome parts of  Electronic Harassment.  (Previously, back in around 2007 or 2008, Spectrum International Intelligence Network at was one of the securityagencies that deal with electronic harassment (usually for a very hefty fee).  As of 3/7/12 SIIN is apparently out of business.)     26. Some TI’s (targeted individuals) find plenty of time to think and speculate about electronic warfare self-defense.  For example, see and Protection from Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons at Project Freedom Human Rights Watch at     27. If you are being beamed or zapped with electromagnetic weapons, you can and should shield yourself using scientific electromagnetic or EMF shielding.  Click here for moreinfo.     28. If you are being beamed or zapped with electromagnetic weapons, you should strongly consider taking 5-HTP to boost your self-confidence and willpower by boosting yourserotonin levels.  Click here for more info.     29. Ryan, Desiree, and Amber are common FBI SID U.S. secret police aliases.  Click here for more info.     30. Psywar is a phrase used by FBI SID workers (or workers who routinely identify themselves as FBI SID and/or COINTELPRO) to describe their paid harassment work in a very hi-tech covert dirty (and illegal) psychological war against targeted individuals (or TIs) in America that uses a mix of very hi-tech harassment weapons and routine paid gangstalking. You can click here for an expanded dictionary definition of psywar.     31. Top Secret America is a new resource provided by the Washington Post on July 19, 2010.Technology Update: Beam Weapons, Technological mind reading and technological mind control are now technological realitiesTechnological Innovation     Along with other amazing technology advances, for example, cell phones, satellite TV, personal computers, the Internet, wifi wireless computer network communication, space agetechnology, weapons technology, medical technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, beam weapons, non-lethal weapons, mind reading and mind control technology have madeamazing technological advances.  Beam weapons are part of the future weapons being researched and developed by the American military-industrial complex.  And while mindreading and mind control are not consumer or business technological priorities, mind reading and mind control has been a top priority of a very small part of the U.S. federalgovernment ever since project MKULTRA and its infamous mind control research, including major research into trying to use LSD as a mind control drug.Beam WeaponsHistory channel Aug. 2009 BeamWeapons Video     Hi-tech beam weapons are also known as directed energy weapons (DEW) and non-lethal weapons.  When you have time, you can watch an excellent Aug. 2009 History ChannelVideo on Death Rays and Energy Weapons.  These are the beam weapons of interest to someone learning about hi-tech covert psychological warfare:     1. LRAD and sound beam technology and overt and covert deployment.     1.1. LRAD and sound beam technology.  LRADs are long range acoustical devices.     1.2. Overt and covert deployment of LRADs and sound beam technology.     2. Anti-brain and anti-eyesight dazzler beam weapons, including the Dazer Laser, LED incapacitator, military optical distractors, the PHASR beam weapon rifle,  etc.  Very hi-techanti-brain beam weapons also exist, but they are secret or classified black ops weapons without any official public documentation.      2.1 The Dazer Laser Dazzler Beam Weapon     3. Crowd dispersal and/or pain beam weapons.     4  Pirate TV and/or radio broadcasting using (wide area and/or focused) beam technology.     5. Military lethal warfare beam weapons.     6. HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska, and other extremely long range ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) beam weapons.  According to Wikipedia,”The HAARP project aims to direct a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8-10 MHz region of the HF band, into the ionosphere.”, by Dr. Nick Begich, has many concerns about HAARP.     7. Top Secret anti-electronics beam weapons, including EMP weapons.  These include weapons for monitoring, jamming, remotely controlling, and/ or destroying electronic circuits,particularly computers and electromagnetic loudspeakers.  (Probably also includes the use of commercial electronic remote control technology.)     8. Top Secret anti-brain beam weapons, including mind reading and mind control anti-brain beam weapons.           Some of these beam weapons are commercially available and very well documented.  Other beam weapons are still top secret or classified and used by secret government blackops programs like the FBI SID and presumably also used by secret government agencies like the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency.     Please note that secrecy is nothing new to the U.S. federal government where even the existence of NSA, the National Security Agency, created in 1952, was officially denied formany years.  The U.S. federal government spends an estimated $32-$50 billion or more per year in a totally secret black budget.  I guess that some of that $32-$50 billion or more peryear got spent on MKULTRA-style mind control research and some of it got spent on anti-brain beam weapons.LRAD and Sound Beam Technology and Its Overt and Covert DeploymentA U.S. military LRAD in front of AP Photo NYPD LRAD outside of the 2004 LRAD used in violent police U.S. military use of LRAD.U.S. military laser distractor. Republican National Convention repression in the country of GeorgiaSource: DoD Non-Lethal Weapons in Nov. 2007. Source: Youtube.Program 2008 Annual Report. LRAD and Sound Beam Technology     Ultrasound sound beam technology, including hypersonic sound (HSS), is now produced by at least 3 companies: LRAD corporation (originally American Technology Corporation),Holosonic Research Labs, and the Wattre Corporation.  (Also, Panphonics produces a very short-range sound shower sound beam and Sennheiser produced a very short-rangeaudiobeam.)  LRAD corporation (originally American Technology Corporation) is the most interesting because they produce the Long Range Acoustic Device™ (LRAD®) and arealleged by to have previously produced ultrasound [alternate link here] sound beam technology that could be used in illegal electronic harassment [alternate link here].     The Long Range Acoustic Device™ (LRAD®) is produced by LRAD corporation (originally American Technology Corporation). It is a very mobile approx. 45 pound device that lookslike a large thick flat satellite dish and creates a sound beam with an approx. 300-500/more meter range that broadcasts sounds that can only/primarily be heard by people inside the

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