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Psywar Solutions. StopPsyWar.comAlso see Psywar Problems andHistory of TI Political Activism.[6/3/12] Also,,,,,,,,,,, and Also see What’s New Revised 1/3/15. email: [since 9/7/10]Solutions to Psywar Also see the History of TI Political Activism. [6/3/12]Problems is a If you’re a TI or targeted individual, get your political networking, support, and Freedom from Covert Surveillance and 5-HTP EMF shielding activism website for TIs or targeted Harassment FFCHS membership card for individuals. $20. Freeing Stopping 2015 Stopping TI people from Quitting illegal business cards, mini-poster, and cultCOINTELPRO survival cult mind FBI SID drugs mind control posterboard poster. controlCovert illegal political repression from U.S. federal government black ops including the FBISID/COINTELPRO has produced a real mess. While there are no simple complete solutions, here aresome simple partial solutions that can help.Solutions for Targeted Individuals Step 1: Stop talking, silently assert your 5th Amendment rights and your 5th Amendment right toremain silent, stay calm, and privately study this solutions page Learn how to detect hi-tech political persecution and discover if you are or might have been a victimof hi-tech political persecution. Get a quick instant basic understanding of a covert hi-tech electronic anti-brain beam weaponpsywar hit Advice for surviving psywar Boosting your self-confidence, willpower, and serotonin levels using 5-HTP How to shield your brain against electromagnetic/EMF beam weapons [3/25/11] EMF Shielding Basics Getting Zapped/Transpondered and Unzapped/Untranspondered, and Possible Evasion Tactics Warnings About the Dangers of Anti-Brain Beam Weapon Technology Advanced Stationary Magnetic EMF Brain Shielding Stealth EMF Shielding and Radar/Microwave Absorbing Material Additional EMF Shielding ideas Previous Detailed EMF Shielding Ideas Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance History of TI Political Activism– Now on its own separate page [6/3/12] TI Activism History by Eleanor White Freedom Is an Essential American Value US Human Rights Organizations Exposing and Stopping Political Repression from 1960-1974 Trying to reform the CIA and FBI from 1975-1978 Challenging the Secret Government in 1975-1976: An outsider’s view An Overview of Intelligence Reform: An insider’s view TI Education and Activism 1978-now Manuals for surviving psywar Avoiding Trouble With the Police (including What To Do If You’re Stopped by the Police, by the ACLUand Know Your Rights! What to do if questioned by the police, FBI, customs, or immigration officers,by the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild.),Solutions for Political Activists and Organizations Security for Activists The War at Home– Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About it. Why You Should NOT Work for the FBI SID, Black Ops, PsyWar, Mind Control,Mind Reading, and/or Gang Stalking Workers [2/28/12]Solutions for FBI SID psywar workers Coping with an illegal psywar zap speed stalk and harass cult mentality and widespread FBI SIDmethamphetamine speed drug 2015 business cards (12/10), mini-poster, and posterboard poster.Solutions for Targeted IndividualsStep 1: Stop talking, silently assert your 5th Amendment rights and your 5th Amendment right to remain silent, stay calm,and privately study this solutions page If you even suspect you a victim of hi-tech electronic harassment, do this first. 1. Stop talking. 2. Silently assert your 5th Amendment (and Miranda) right to remain silent. 3. Remain calm. (Do not do anything dumb, rash, irrational, or impulsive.) 4. Try to get quick secure privacy. 5. Read this solutions page now. 6. Warning: If you suspect that you are being technologically mindread at least part of the time (a statistically extremely rare but technologicallypossible event), then if and when you suspect you are being mind-read and your mind starts daydreaming or wandering towards private thoughts orprivate memories, then stay silent, silently think “5th Amendment” instead, and focus on learning about coping with illegal and unconstitutional covert mindreading and mind control technology instead. (Ironically, many mind control workers might find this website,, more interesting than the obscure personal memories of their targets.)Learn how to detect hi-tech political persecution and discover if you are or might have been a victim of hi-tech politicalpersecution. From before 1979-2015, a technological revolution has occurred in the technology of covert hi-tech political persecution in America andinternationally. In addition to the known technological revolutions in consumer remote control technology, wireless technology, personal computing,the internet, cell phones, the creation and maintenance of huge electronic databases, and computer hacking, top secret or covert technologicalrevolutions have occurred in pinpoint targeting LRAD (or long-range acoustical device) sound beam broadcasting, mind reading, subliminal suggestiontechnology (aka “mind control”), and even advanced mind reading and brain manipulation technologies like NSA’s alleged remote neural monitoringtechnology and the openly acknowledged silent sound spread spectrum or SSSS or s-quad mind-control technology that was used in Operation DesertStorm in the 1991 U.S.-Iraq war (when it was used to induce Iraqi soldiers to surrender in 1991.) Please understand that most hi-tech political persecution in America is covert, not overt, political persecution. Mostvictims do not even know that they are victims. Also, many or most gangstalking targets are probably unaware they are being tailed,stalked, and deliberately harassed. The first new 21st century skill you need to successfully cope with hi-tech political persecution or psywar is to be able to identify it. This is acomplicated skill. If you know you are already under electronic psywar or psychological warfare attack, it is OK to quicklybrowse this topic and move forward to the solutions. However, as soon as you have time, please make sure you can identify and understandthe problem before you spend too much time, energy, and/or money trying to cope with it. If you want to learn how to detect hi-tech political persecution, please click here. Otherwise, you can keep reading info about solutions.Get a quick instant basic understanding of a covert hi-tech electronic anti-brain beam weapon psywar hit Please be aware that if you are ever harassed at home or work by covert hi-tech electronic harassment technology, you either are being zapped orare at high risk of being zapped by covert mind reading and mind-control beam weapon technologies that can, believe it or not, do some very amazingthings. These include: 1. Read your mind. (Basically, a covert anti-brain beam weapon detects your thoughts, probably particularly your subvocalized thoughts, byremotely monitoring and decoding your brainwaves. Commercial mind-reading technology already exists and the Ambient Corporation has anexpensive mind-reading brainwave-to-voice audeo sensor device based on subvocal recognition (or SVR) technology. Top secret covert anti-brainbeam weapon technology adds the ability to remotely read a target’s mind probably by using magnetic (or electromagnetic) waves that return to theirsource.) This secret or covert technology is so amazing, rare, and unreported that most anti-brain beam weapon mind-reading victims have toexperience this themselves to really believe it. Note: primary targets are often mind-read for up to 24 hours/day. However, secondary targets are often only mind-read intermittently andsometimes maybe not at all. 2. Illegally rebroadcast (without your permission) your mind-read thoughts (stolen from you without your permission) in one or more LRAD/sound beambroadcasting systems (usually broadcast to psywar workers who are paid to listen to your private thoughts and violate your privacy and/or broadcast tonormal people who don’t want to hear the LRAD/sound beam broadcast at all). This usually only occurs to primary beam weapon targets. If this is everdone to you, it severely violates your privacy and it can be very annoying, cause trouble, and place you at risk of getting into more trouble. This is amajor reason why you should remain silent and assert your legal 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Also, your mind read thought-stream might bebroadcast or not and recorded or not at a psywar worker’s whim. Also, the psywar hit workers’ version of your thought-stream can and usually issabotaged and screwed up by one or more methods, usually including screwed-up subliminal broadcasts to your brain and verbal harassment bypsywar hit workers. 3. Pop subliminal, semi-subliminal and/or detectable thoughts into your brain (probably using silent sound spread spectrum/ SSSS/ s-quadtechnology, microwave hearing technology, LRAD/sound beam technology, etc.) and/or make subliminal suggestions using multiple subliminalsuggestion technologies. (This is also known as synthetic telepathy and includes voice-to-skull/V2k technology.) The subliminal and/or detectablethoughts zapped at a target by psywar hit workers are often deliberately screwed-up to harm the anti-brain beam weapon zap victim. A standard mindinfluencing (aka mind control) tactic is to beam/zap/pop thoughts into your brain subliminally and have the words, thoughts, and/or ideas suddenlypop into your brain at the conscious level. If you cover your ear openings with your fingers or earlobes and hear a voice in one or both ears, then you are being beamed or hit with subliminal messages in one or both ears. If you don’t hear a voice in your ears, it is still possible that other subliminalcommunication technologies (for example, s-quad) are being used against you. 4. Severely disable your brain and completely cloud your judgment (or zombie-zap you). Disabling zaps can include passivity zaps (maybe zappingyour brainstem), anti-thinking zaps (probably disabling your brain’s frontal lobe), tired zaps, emotionless zaps, etc. Note: if your brain is zappeddisabled, you might/might not also have someone actively mind-reading you or someone scanning your mind-read thought-stream channel at anypoint in time. If your brain is zapped temporarily disabled, you might try silently thinking “mind sharp” to request a zap that makes you more alert. 5. Start a hi-tech brainwashing process. If psywar hit workers combine powerful mind control zaps with powerful brain disablement zaps and aranting psywar hit or mind-control worker high on illegal methamphetamine speed and maybe sometimes prozac and maybe even sometimes cocainetoo, the sheer repetition of dumb psywar ideas by subliminal broadcast, detectable broadcast, and/or psywar vocal rant from a psywar hit speed freakbegins to have a limited mind influencing and mind control brainwashing effect. The first part of this brainwashing is usually to desensitize the victim to very dumb andoffensive ideas and psywar bullshit, psywar devilshit, and psywar crap. One of the key beliefs of psywar hit workers is that they run their [illegal black ops drug addict] world and they believe thatthey can run your life or your world whenever they might want to by beam weapon zaps and/or gangstalking harassment. [So far, in the pre-Internet and early Internet absence of surviving victims’reports, black ops psywar funding and illegal drug abuse has continued from approx. 1979-now.] 6. Zap you very alert. (This rare and coveted zap has been codenamed “Evelyn Woods” (or “Evelyn”) for the Evelyn Woods speed-reading class.)(FYI, there might even be a future commercial spin-off technology that speeds up human brainwaves to maximize the functional brainpower ofworkers and individuals.) You can try silenty thinking “mind sharp” and/or “Evelyn Woods” to try to get a better brain wave zap. 7. Instantly zap you awake or asleep. Zapping you awake repeatedly usually deprives you of sleep. 8. Set your brain mood (aka “mood setting”), probably using silent sound spread spectrum emotion cloning technology. Mood settings couldinclude fearful, sad/depressed, angry, irritated, stressed, feeling guilty, feeling self-confident, feeling calm, feeling happy, feeling hungry, feeling horny,feeling silly, etc. 9. Remotely control parts of your body, for example, make you need to piss, or make you need to shit. 10. Dream invasion and dream manipulation. Believe it or not, FBI SID workers can invade your dreams, take over your dreams, and give you veryvivid dreams, screwed up dreams, and/or nightmares that might be combined with fear zaps or or even severe fear zaps. This might include zappingimages or video into dreams if their beam weapon zap against a stationary sleeping target is strong enough. (Psywar workers call this “dreamscripting”.) 11. Turn any fan or motor into an LRAD sound-beam broadcasting system. Most zappers prefer to communicate by a sound-beam zapping a faninstead of directly zapping your brain. 12. Hijack complete recording and/or sound generation control of any electronic speaker from a TV, stereo, computer, etc. (Note: If a speaker isbetter quality or has more amps, it is probably easier for them to wirelessly swipe and sabotage a better sound-quality recording from the speaker.) 13. Wirelessly hack and remotely control your computer, even if it is not connected to the Internet. 14. Limited remote control of some electronic appliances and machines, particularly machines with remotes. (If this is done at all, it is probablyusually initially done by trial and error zapping). This is an incomplete list. Basically, whoever is zapping, mind-reading, and mind-controlling you is technologically capable of hijacking your brain,electronic speakers, computer, and some of your electronic appliances, so that the beam weapon zapper can temporarily partially dual-control of yourbrain, electronic speakers, and computers, and possibly some electronic appliances also. Also please be aware that in-person psywar or COINTELPRO workers (aka black ops workers, psy ops workers, gangstalkers, “investigators”, hitworkers, skit workers, spooks, spies, agents, etc.) will often tail, stalk, gangstalk, and harass you. Some of this harassment work is referred to as “skitwork” and it may be involve using and reacting to your mind-read thoughts rebroadcast via an LRAD sound beam. Also please be aware that psywar workers are often limited by logistical limitations. They may have a limited number of beams zapping you and/oryour house. If might be a temporary psywar hit. They may have other competing priorities of people to zap and people to hit, disable, mind read, mindcontrol, intimidate, and/or annoy. For example, there are allegedly only around 25/26 anti-brain beam weapon hit team in the Washington DC area, andthere might be only 400 total beam weapon satellite com-link or communications link channels. There are allegedly around 25 or 26 psywar covert beam weapon electronic warfare hit teams (probably with 1-3 people/psywar hit team) in theWashington, DC area, and allegedly up to 400 psywar hit teams around the country. However, each psywar hit team might work with multiple beamweapons and maybe multiple beam weapon operators hitting usually one main target usually with everything and maybe hitting secondary targetswith LRAD/sound beam technology and maybe some full-power anti-brain and/or anti-tech beam weapons too. The number of individual anti-brainbeam weapons in America is probably much more than 400. There is allegedly a maximum of 200 public and 200 private beam weapon hits that canbe monitored (probably by satellite channel) in Washington, DC at once. However, these numbers that a few black ops workers have consistentlyrepeated are only unconfirmed consistent black ops rumor. For a list of more of the problems that being zapped by a covert anti-brain beam weapon can cause, you can read learn how to detect hi-techpolitical persecution and discover if you are or might have been a victim of hi-tech political persecution. However, first read my advice for survivingpsywar.Advice for Surviving Psywar Here is some quick advice. Note: this is the first draft of Ed’s advice for surviving psywar. If you notice psywar technology being used at a rally, you are probably not personally in danger of being a full-scale psywar hit victim. Why?Because there are a limited number of anti-brain beam weapons (allegedly 25 in Washington DC) and a limited number of satellite beams that can beused for psywar beam weapon attacks (allegedly 400). However, if you are hit with psywar technology at home, particularly LRAD/sound beam technology and anti-brain beam weapon technology,usually accompanied by paid gangstalking harassment, then you are in danger of a usually temporary but sometimes long-term hit. Please quicklystudy and learn about psywar technology and defense strategies. Here is some quick advice.1. Keep your mouth shut and exercise your right to remain silent. Data stolen by swiping brain waves is not admissible in court. (Most people havedone something sometime that was embarrassing and/or illegal. This is normal.) Assert your 5th Amendment right to not self-incriminate yourselfand keep your mouth shut. Also assert your other constitutional rights from the Bill of Rights to the U.S. constitution.2. Get plenty of 5-HTP as quickly as possible from a local health food store. This will keep your self-confidence up. Also, electronic warfare zaps canzap you with all sorts of negative emotion, including stress, fear, and/or depression, that can drain your serotonin and leave you feeling too depressedand/or afraid. 5-HTP is a serotonin booster that boosts your serotonin and your willpower to overcome electronically zapped fear and/or depressionzaps and continue to function in a logical self-confident mood. Also, by boosting your serotonin levels and self-confidence, 5-HTP also helps you copewith difficult situations that could naturally drain your self-confidence.3. Get earplugs to shield yourself from sound harassment, but be aware that electronic beam harassment can bypass earplug sound shielding. Foamsearplugs work fine. Flents quiet please foam earplugs are one good choice.4. Get to a sheltered place and stay there until the secret police/black ops/perps get tired of zapping you.5. Minimize all risk while being zapped. For example, avoid social interactions, avoid high speed driving around 55mph if at all possible, keep awayfrom heights if at all possible, and take reasonable precautions to avoid being dosed with LSD or any other drug.6. Get a notebook and keep a logbook of the electronic and in person harassment you undergo. You can use it as evidence later to sue the balls off thepeople zapping and/or harassing you. You can silently demand your rights and silently threaten to sue.7. Get a digicam with a digital voice/sound recorder and good batteries as quickly as possible. Use it and back up your data to DVD or CD. Once youhave a recorder, in person harassment usually decreases a whole lot. Gangstalker perps hate to be recorded. Please be aware that there are oftenstate laws regulating recording. However, if a crime, including gangstalking or harassment is underway, it is usually reasonable to use a video

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