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2015. 06. 22. Such Things Are Known – MCRAIS Home Foreword, Prologue, and Chapter 10 from: Library Such Things Are Known Mind Control Hypnosis Comes of Age Dorothy Burdick New York: Vantage Press Inc., 1982 The People Shapers Operation Mind Control Foreword The Mind Stealers The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate” How do you explain an invasion of privacy that is cleverly designed to sound lik common psychological disturbance? How do you explain to people without Such Things Are Known understanding of human physiology that body movement can only occur when energy converted to an electrical charge? The Battle for Your Mind When you turn on a light, electrons cross a gap. When you start your car, an elec Brainwash Experiments spark crosses a gap. While doing this you are totally unaware that in your own body Still Enrage Victim’s Son common dollar exchange of the human energy system, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) releasing electrons and thus being converted into physical energy for all bodily proces The Controllers and movement throughout the electron transport system. Every time you move or thi Journey Into Madness electrons stream across a gap between neurons called a synapse. This stream is like electrical current and can be measured in the laboratory. The electrical field that y Mind-Control Projects generate is very weak and is measured in millivolts and gauss. Remote-Controlled Man The recent interest in Oriental acupuncture to prevent pain has helped lead to the of electronic devices to aid the healing of bone with electrical current and to interr Canada Settles with electrical signals that would cause pain if transmitted. The courts have defined death as Brainwash Victims absence of electrical activity in the brain. Electronics, which has made this kind Microwave Harassment & monitoring possible, is the science of the development and application of devices a Mind-Control systems involving the flow of electrons in gaseous media and in semiconductors. Experimentation It is very hard to imagine life, any kind of life, as simply an electrical system. Kir photography shows the electrical aura around a leaf. Children arc being trained U.S. Explores Russian Mind-Control Technology physicists and psychologists to see electrical fields around people. When we speak people as magnetic we may be speaking a scientific truth. The magnetoencephalogr Hearing “Voices” (MEG) is used in the laboratory to measure the magnetic field in gauss given off by cortex of the brain. Brain Transmitters No motion is made by the human body without raising the so-called resting poten Secret, Don’t Tell of nerve cells to an action potential voltage causing work. Stored in the double phosph high energy bond of ATP, electrons are released to travel through the nervous system UAlbany Suspends activate muscles and are measured in millivolts, 1/1000 of a volt. ATP is what ma Implants Research fireflies light up at night and accounts for the well-known shocking behavior of the elec BLUEBIRD: Deliberate eel. Creation of Multiple The electroencephalogram (EEG) and the electrocardiogram (EKG) are grap Personality by representations of the brain and heart making waves. Recently in sports medicine, athle Psychiatrists 1/22 2015. 06. 22. Such Things Are Known – MCRAIS have had their body patterns recorded photographically to show their muscular streng Brain Implant Victims or weaknesses and predict their probable degree of success. This method has also b used to predict the performance of race horses. The Secrets of Mind Laser, a gas medium, is a natural extension of electronics. It is used in indus Control acoustical recording, message transmission, and to read fingerprints even years after t have been left on a page. It is also used to identify horses from their chestnuts, Multimedia callosities on their legs. As an example of a technology that has been under developm for some time we have to give credit for laser to Uncle Sam and you, the taxpayer. T National Standards Laboratory is busy making accurate new measurements beca modern laser techniques are so precise that they have made the old ones obsolete. La is so fine-tuned that it is used for eye surgery. The brain has been under investigation since the 1800s and earlier, and its acti recorded since the 1900s. It should not be too surprising that all brain tissue is simpl transmitter of electrical activity and a resonator that receives vibrations. With Operation Mind Control – computer, different areas of the brain can be displayed on a TV screen and the vari pdf activities under study displayed in an assortment of colors. The nerve impulses themsel can be converted into digital code so that the computer can identify their source, and fr the source determine which part of the human nervous system is involved. You cannot see human brain waves by looking at a human head. If that he however, is attached in some way to a computer, you can look at the visual display a see the waves. Large, fast computers like the Cray outrace the mind of man whe Case Histories of Criminal comes to making concise, accurate, instantaneous measurements. Remote-sensing a Hypnosis – pdf over-the-horizon radars are commonplace. Remote sensing of animals without hurting animal has been done. A powerful laser scanning can measure acoustics, density and sound of electrical activity including the broadcast coming from the human ear. The hum ear not only receives, but also sends out its own signals which can be picked up b Mission: Mind Control – sensitive listening device like the laser. Once sounds enter the ear they interfere with e (First Edition) – video other and set up harmonic tones. The range of human behavior is almost unquantifiable but attempts have been ma The basic areas, according to Maslow, that must be taken care of first are sleep, food a sex and I would add to this the need for emotional security. You are most likely to stressed when these areas are attacked. Mind Control: America’s Secret War – video The effects of radio or microwaves of various kinds have been reported in scien and lay literature. It is known that they can affect blood pressure, body temperature a mental states by reaching the hypothalamus through the eardrum which is in the clos contact to this master gland. We also know that astronauts can be monitored in spa We have already invented lenses that see in the dark and penetrate foliage and wa CIA Mind Control – video Suppose that from a distance you could be influenced by electromagnetic or microwa and be stressed by electrical shock, unexpected muscle spasms or contractions wh could be made to occur in both voluntary and the involuntary muscles of your visce Ritual Abuse Suppose also that the intensity could be orchestrated to produce sensations from pleas Ritual Abuse through pain. Suppose additionally that the stress is augmented by the surprise elem and through subliminal, that is unconsciously heard, vocal suggestion. You, the subject, Common Programs in your own home, very possibly totally unaware of any kind of outside interference, u Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse you are spoken to via laser.[Note:1] You might suddenly realize that you, a human be had become an instrument. Breaking the Circle of This type of operation, under development for some time by American intelligence Satanic Ritual Abuse called mind control. It is more ghastly than George Orwell could possibly have conceiv Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual because he never experienced it. 2/22 2015. 06. 22. Such Things Are Known – MCRAIS Only a few people understand the interrelationships between our magnific Abuse technological and medical accomplishments and the military-industrial complex. These f Investigator’s Guide to are hampered in their attempts at communication by involvement in their own fields and Allegations of Ritual Child security requirements. Knowledge proliferates at a doubling rate greater than every t Abuse years. What is currently known is quickly dated. If you are working you are running Pseudo-Identity and the catch up. If you are not working you may be bogged down in family and commu Treatment of Personality affairs. Change in Victims of We exist in our complexity, psyching ourselves with pseudoscientific gam Captivity and Cults psychological hype and a couple-of-hundred-years-old love affair with snake oil and cu A Consolidation of SRA from the fountain of youth. It is both the best of times and the worst of times. Our and False Memory Data called freedom is mired down in bureaucracy, ruled by dated old men, and clutched What the Heck is Satanic inertia, boredom and fatigue. Ritual Abuse? When I started building by case, I only wanted to prove that what was happening me was technologically possible. Although my proof is mainly circumstantial evidence, known that anything which appears in the marketplace has usually been under governm development for quite a long time before it filters into public consciousness. Suppose you were motivated by a combination mind/body attack and suppose a Email: that you were lucky enough or unlucky enough to have the intelligence and kind background to sort the whole thing out. What would you do? This book is an attempt to explain what I believe has happened to me. Others Visits: attribute my account to many other things. From my point of view this is a true story matter how ridiculous or neurotically distorted it may seem. I know that it can be u against me. I believe that the story line was designed by the intelligence community to their disinformation program. The purpose of the book is simply to present possibilities. Perhaps the computer-age youngsters who will have to cope with th futuristic developments will not be as upset as I was. June 5, 19 Prologue Reading minds at a distance by deciphering the brain’s magnetic waves has been a proj of the Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] of the Defense Department some time. Many educational and research institutions have contributed to its success w government funding. Published information indicates that DARPA scientists have learned to identify spec thought patterns through the interpretation of brain waves. These patterns reveal with up ninety percent accuracy whether a person is: (1) puzzled or uncertain, (2) has mad decision, (3) is paying attention, (4) is observing colors or patterns, or (5) has concentration due to fatigue or boredom. Thought processes have been linked to the computer through Artificial Intellige [AI]. The autocorrelated Cray, which does one hundred million calculations a second specifically designed for problem solving and can carry out biomedical experiments w the computer simulating the human effects. It takes only fifty billionths of a second for 3/22

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