The Invisible Third World War Chapter 21 COVERUP

1Nonfiction: Approximately 100,000 words THE INVISIBLE THIRD WORLD WAR by W. H. Bowart and Richard Sutton ( Synoptic Chapter Outline ) 24 PART FIVE – FREEDOM VERSUS SLAVERYXXI. COVERUP Martin Luther King fought hard for the civil liberties of black people.In retaliation, the FBI launched an “anti-King” campaign which may haveresulted in his death (97). Indeed, the entire civil rights and antiwarmovements may have been wrecked by the FBI COINTELPRO (98) and CIACHAOS operations. The evidence shows that those cryptocrats who seek todestroy liberty at its source – our very minds – will stop at nothing to defameand even murder those who resist enslavement. Modern technology has madethe human mind the battleground for humanity’s struggle for liberty. Sincescientists comprise much of the vanguard of totalitarianism (99), mentalliberty may be today’s most vital issue. During the very early days of MKULTRA, a formal Naval officer, L.Ron Hubbard, – aware of what the Navy was covertly doing – researched theworkings of the human mind (100). Refusing to submit to governmentdemands that he join the mind control psychiatrists, this man published abook called “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”. The bookproclaimed mental liberty and integrity as the birthright of humanity (101).When the book became a bestseller, thousands began using the techniquesHubbard discovered, testifying to “increasing mental liberty”. Some of thetechniques Hubbard described for the benefit of people were secretly beingused by the government in an attempt to enslave. Other of the techniquesHubbard described were actually antidotes to the MKULTRA mind controlmethods (102). The government began a vicious smear campaign against Hubbard. Itwas run by the CIA’s mind control section. The young author hadinadvertently blown the whistle on the best kept secret of the Cold War,MKULTRA. And, perhaps the young author had tipped the cryptocracy’shand on their whole IW gameplan. Hubbard’s office was ransacked and a manuscript was stolen which 25contained information which paralleled that which we now know aspsychotronics. Ironically that manuscript carried the same title as the latermanuscript by Lt. Col. Tom Bearden. Both had the name EXCALIBUR.Hubbard and his colleagues were physically attacked, and the authornarrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt. A black propaganda campaign waswaged against all those who subscribed to the idea of “Dianetics” for nearly30 years. When a prominent psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Szasz began debunkingthe totalitarian mind control plans of his colleagues in the 1950s (103), hebecame the focal point of similar attacks. When Andrija Puharich beganrevealing too much about psychotronics in his books, he was attackedsimilarly. Other men like Szasz and Hubbard have sparked a growing movementto restore mental freedom. Szasz helped launch the fledgling LibertarianParty, whose platform boldly calls for a halt to government mind controloperations and its financing by U.S. tax dollars. Indeed, the financingthrough taxation of a technology to enslave the tax payer, may turn out to bethe cruelest joke yet played upon the American people.XXII. DIRTY MONEY FOR DIRTY TRICKS Following decades of intense lobbying by the mind control psychiatristsand psychiatric-medical establishment, the U.S. government made plans toestablish mega-agencies, such as HEW and VA. It can be no coincidence thatthrough these agencies many of the atrocities of the Invisible War have beencommitted. Although supported by many idealistic individuals, thesebureaucracies gave birth to a network of human experimentation which madeIW arsenals possible (104). Mind control and IW projects were among thevery first funded by the mega-agencies, and as time went on they comprised amajor part of their research activities (105). Billions of dollars have beenleeched from tax coffers to pay for mind control programs and invisibleweapons development. We trace the organization diagram of the sprawling

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