1Martin BottKantstraße 875334 StraubenhardtGermanyTel. (++49) 0157 777äre%20Staat%20CD%20Januar%202007youtube:wwwtotalitaerdeMartinBottD75334Torture, Brainwashing and Murder in GermanyIn the years between 2000 and 2005 I and my brother Markus Bott operated the Web In January 2004 we additionally published the contents of this Webpage as the book „Der Totalitäre Staat“, ISBN 3-00-013321-6. This book comes with a CDor DVD containing the web page, the book as word document and PDF and since January2008 with ca. 14 hours of film material showing and explaining the torturing, brainwashingand steering techniques used by the German Bundesnachrichtendienst ( BND ) againstme and my family, filmed with hidden cameras in our house.The Web page as well as the book informs the public on techniques and operationalprinciples used by the German secret services.The German Bundesnachrichtendienst ( BND ) is a direct successor of GESTAPO and SS.From the very beginning in 1946, then termed Organisation Gehlen, the BND operatedaccording to the same principles. These principles are published with regard to theGESTAPO.The GESTAPO ( Geheime Staatspolizei, Secret State Police ) being the political secretservice of the third Reich persecuted all political activities regarded as illegal by the state.Additionally the GESTAPO fought preventively against real or alleged dissidents of thethird Reich. The GESTAPO operated within the Reich and the occupied territories withoutbeing submitted to law and justice and without being effectively controlled in any way by asuperior organization of the state.The GESTAPO used “preventive arrest” ( Schutzhaft ) in prisons and concentration 2camps, torture termed “severe interrogation” ( Verschärfte Vernehmung ), of coursewithout seeking any information and execution termed “special treatment”( Sonderbehandlung ).The GESTAPO was charged with the guarding of foreign workers and prisoners of war.The GESTAPO operated forced labour camps for reeducation and took part in thedeportation and assassination of the Jews and Gipsies. The notorious Einsatzgruppen hadbeen organized by the GESTAPO and killed approximately 2 000 000 persons in easternEurope on the spot, without referring them to concentration camps.The GESTAPO, today renamed BND, after only one year of pause continued their violentsuppression of any opposition in 1946. Today the BND operates according to the sameprinciples, not being submitted to law and justice or being controlled in another suitableway. This must not be forgotten while reading this text and watching the films documentingtorture, brainwashing and steering by the BND.During the 5 years our web page was operated we also made public its existence througha large number of publications in the world wide web as well as by being personallypresent in public where we often showed the measurement of radar pulses as isdocumented on numerous photographs.The web page as well as the book are included on this DVD ( 2 Internetseite und Buch ) aswell.During this time I and my brother were continually victims of violence and threats which mybrother mentioned in his large numbers of publications of which some are still availabletoday. ( 3 Internetbeiträge Markus Bott on the DVD ).In 2003 a criminal procedure against my brother Markus Bott was opened on charge ofWiderstand gegen die Staatsgewalt ( Resistance against state power ) which wassuspended later. During this procedure Markus as well as I had made written declarationsthat we both had been tortured by the BND which is actually the continued Gestapo ofNazi Germany. These declarations should still be in the records.Within the first days of February 2004 my brother ordered the ISBN number for our book„Der Totalitäre Staat“ which includes listing of the book in the register of available books.Since the day the ISBN number was granted in mid February 2004 my brother Markus Bottwas no longer able to continue his work on our web page and our book due to torture. Asresult I was forced to end a trip to Berlin. During the first weeks and months these acts oftorture took place in public, visible to hundreds of persons in the cities of Pforzheim andKarlsruhe.After Markus already had been tortured continuously for almost two years, as a result of 3which he was not able to live his life in any way, I decided to document these atrocitiescommitted by the German BND on video beginning with December 2005. Aim was to showthat Markus obviously is being steered by members of the BND, which makes themresponsible for any offence being committed.At this time I had already been victim of violent attacks during several months similar tothose numerously documented in the videos.More than 100 Videotapes have been confiscated in January 2008 after I published theDVD.The films on the DVD show the following crimes against me and members of my family.Only approximately the first 40 tapes have been used. The 65 not used video tapes showsimilar atrocities against me and my family continuing till January 2008.After having been tortured during five and a half years, my brother Markus Bott was thasassinated by the Bundesnachrichtendienst ( BND ) on July, 11 2009 in Karlsruhe,Germany.The scientific foundation of tortureElectromagnetic fields such as radio frequency and laser radiations always cause anelectric current if they are acting on conducting materials such as metals and the humanbody. To have an effect on the nerves or the muscles this current needs to imitate thecurrents used by the body, as is the case with the commercially available muscle trainersor other bioelectric apparatus.The currents used by the nerves have a low frequency in the order between several hertzto several kilohertz. To produce such low frequency currents through high frequencymicrowave or laser radiation several methods are used.One technique is to use beats between two high frequency electromagnetic radiations withslightly different frequencies. These beats are actually a low frequency electromagneticfield which then causes a low frequency current.The frequency of the beats is actually the frequency difference between the two highfrequency fields.If an electromagnetic field of 1 Ghz and another of 1 Ghz plus 100 hertz are interacting,the resulting beats have a frequency of 100 hertz. These electromagnetic beats cause acurrent with a frequency of 100 hertz which then contracts muscles.If the frequency of the beats is in the audible range, one would hear a sound or voicedepending on the signal being used for modulation.Technically spoken one would overlay two high frequency electromagnetic radiations of

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