WATTS 2012 08

WATTS 07-2012 Year 82 + 7m Monthly newsletter of the Pretoria Amateur Radio Club Maandelikse nuusbrief van die Pretoria Amateur Radio Klub. PARC, PO Box 12602, Die Hoewes, 0163, RSA http://www.parc.org.za mail: zs6pta@zs6pta.org.za web Bulletins: 145,725 MHz 08:45 Sundays/Sondae Relays: 1.840, 3.700, 7.066, 10.135, 14.235, 51.400, 438.825, 1297 MHzZR6FD logo Activated frequencies are announced prior to bulletins Papier / Paper Swapshop: 2m and 7.066 MHz Live on-air after bulletinsDrukwerk ZS6RH Bulletin repeats Mondays | herhalings : Maandae 2m 19:45printingZS6RH Alexanderson Alternator This rotating machine was invented in 1904 by Ernst Alexanderson to generate HF alternating current up to 100 kHz, for use as a radio transmitter. It was one of the first devices capable of generating the continuous radio waves needed for transmission of AM (sound) by radio, and was used for a short period through the 1920s in the first AM radio transmitters, until it was replaced by vacuum tube transmitters. Next fleamarketsIn this issue In hierdie uitgawe and socials 2012 Member news and activities Lede-nuus en Aktiwiteite Subscription renewal notices 28 July GPS alternative 1 Sept 8 Dec Technical Woodpecker sinister purpose? Tegnies Starfish Prime lesson to humanity Venue: PMC, Silverton● Page eight — Bladsy agt WATTS 08 -2012 p1 PARC Management team / Bestuurspan Aug. 2011 – Aug. 2012Committee membersChairman Pierre Holtzhausen ZS6PJH zs6pjh@telkomsa.net 012-655-0726 082-575-5799Vice Chairman, Fleamarket, PR Alméro Dupisani ZS6LDP almero.dupisani@up.ac.za 083-938-8955Treasurer, repeater maint. Andre van Tonder ZS6BRC andreh.vtonder@absamail.co.za 361-3292 082-467-0287Rallies, Social Johan de Bruyn ZS6JHB zs6jhb@gmail.com 012-803-7385 079-333-4107Webmaster Graham Reid ZR6GJR greid@wol.co.za 083-701-0511Co-opted/Geko-opteer:Auditor Tony Crowder ZS6CRO tcrowder@telkomsa.net 011-672-3311Secretary Jean de Villiers ZS6ARA zs6ara@webmail.co.za 012-663-6554 083-627-2506SARL liason Jan Pienaar ZS6OB pienaarja@gmail.com 082-447-7823WATTS newsletter/Kits Hans Kappetijn ZS6KR zs6kr@wbs.co.za 012-333-2612 072-204-3991Repeaters, Technical Craig Symington ZS6RH zs6rh@hotmail.co.za 081-334-6817Clubhouse Pieter Fourie ZS6-2512 pieter2@vodamail.co.za 012-804-7417 083-573-7048Club contesting Sander Wissing ZS6SSW sander.wissing@gmail.com 012-Training Fritz Sutherland ZS6SF fritzs@icon.co.za 012-811-3875 083-304-0028Historian, Awards Tjerk Lammers ZS6P zs6p@iafrica.com 012-809-0006 AGM | Sunday 8 September 2012 | AJV Venue: Eldo Falls 11 AM – details p3 There will be a presentation by Hans v/d Groenendaal ZS6AKV Motions are awaited Members must please indicate if they will attend the AGM for the purpose of budgeting and catering. Lede moet asb laat weet of hulle sal bywoon vir begroting- en spysenieringdoeleindes. Please notify the secretary Jean ZS6ARA (see above) or any committee member !! Only paid-up members may nominate and vote at the AGM. !! Slegs opbetaalde lede mag by die AJV nomineer en stem.ARE YOU OVERDUE? PARC SUBS / LEDEGELD 30-06-2011 Please remit your subs in Betaal asb. u ledegeldSARL Subscriptions Due 1 July time to our treasurer or betyds aan ons tesourier by transfer to: of per oorplasing aan:Ordinary member R400Licensed senior member (retired persons over Bank : FNB Ordinary members/ gewone lede R15065) R230 Branch : 25 20 45 Spouses, pensioners R50Family member R130 Account : 546 000 426 73 Your call sign must appear as statement text! !Student member R65 SUPPORT YOUR CLUB AND THE SARL WATTS 08 -2012 p2 Anniversaries Birthdays Aug Aug Herdenkings Verjaarsdae01 Sue ZS6SUE 07 Peggy and Ed ZS6UT ( )02 Marelise, lv van Pierre ZS6PJH 09 Vlasta and Ivan ZS6CCW ( 41 )03 Paul ZS6BMF 18 Zdena and Ivo ZS6AXT ( 56 )04 Ceciel, lv van Flip ZS6BS0 / ZS4GE/6 20 Bertha en Hans ZS6KR ( 46 )04 Gideon ZS6BZT 30 Darlington and Hilary ZR6HAP ( 4 )05 Hans ZR6HVG06 Estelle, lv van Simon ZS6AST06 Edwin ZR6ESP, son of Molly ZR6MOL and Richard ZS6UK07 “JB’ ZR6YV07 Whitey ZS6JJJ 16 Marie, dogter van Poppie ZS6BCP en Hansie ZS6AIK08 Ray ZS6ALG 20 Brazz ZR6UV08 Marnix ZS6MCM 20 Hal ZS6WB08 Tobie ZS6ZX 25 Doppies ZS6BAQ10 Anne ZR6AUL, daughter of Frances ZR6AUT 26 Sin,ad daughter of Heather and Vince ZS6BTY15 Roger ZS6RJ 28 Jean ZS6ARA15 Molly ZR6MOL, sw of Richard ZS6UK 30 Jonathan ZR6JON, son of Sue ZS6SUEJoys and Sorrows | Lief en LeedPoppie ZS6BCP was onlangs in die hospitaalDiary | Dagboek (UTC times) RAE Course at PARC clubhouseAug Started 24 July with 4 candidates.04 European HF Championship 00:00-23:5904-05 10-10 International Summer Contest 00:01-23:5905 SARL HF Phone Contest 13:00-16:00 It’s not too late-12 WAEurope DX CW Contest 00:00-23:59 Please inform potential candidates.25-26 YO DX HF Contest 12:00-12:0026 SARL HF CW Contest 14:00-16:00 Contact ZS6BTY or ZS6SFSept01-02 All Asian DX Contest phone 00:00-24:0008 PARC AGMPARC AGM 8 Sept.Our AGM will be held at EldoFalls (large lapa) 11 AM:220 Ashwood DriveC/O Hans Strijdom DriveClubview, Centurion Attendance and braai catering only R45 ! WATTS 08 -2012 p3

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