Word To The Wise TI Weapons Effects Hynosis Head Targeting

A WORD TO THE WISE T.I. (TARGETED INDIVIDUAL) A FREE, OCCASIONAL MAGAZINE AND ADVICE COLUMN TO HELP VICTIMS OF ORGANIZED MULTI-STALKING, COVERT ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT, FIND PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL AND MENTAL BALANCE.SWEDISH PROVERB SEARCH THIS BLOG Loading… Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2009 talk less, say more, hate less, love more, Weapons Effects: Hynosis & Head Targeting and all good things will be yours.A Word to the Wise T.I. thanks Richard Martin.LAST FULL MOON SEPT 23, 2010.NEXT FULL MOON OCT 23, 2010 The END if this iGoogle gadget is near! Click According to Science News Magazine, “Most recently, hypnosis has advanced from stage andMOST USEFUL T.I. SITES clinic into the laboratory. It is now used as aNEW At the top of the list are research tool to temporarily create hallucinations,Eleanor White’s:* Coping With Organized Stalking compulsions, delusions and certain types ofand Electronic Harassment. seizures in the lab so that these phenomena canEleanor’s comprehensive manual be investigated in detail.”for surviving OS & EH with yourhealth and mind intact. The above image clearly shows that the yellow* Multi Stalker Victims Anti area becomes most active when a person is beingOrganized Harassment. Eleanor’s hypnotized. (If that link doesn’t work, paste theno nonsense approach is clear andconcise, offering a wealth of following url into your browser window and hitinformation for the Targeted your enter key.Individual. http://www.sciencenews.org/view/feature/id/476* Anti Electronic Harassment 97/title/The_Mesmerized_Mind)provides documented information on proven technologies used toharass Targeted individuals, and What does this mean for the Targeted Individual?offers suggestions on how to That may depend on whether or not your hypnosis-counter it. activated area is targeted by Electronic* Credibility Reviews: Organized Harassment. How might you tell if it is?Stalking and ElectronicHarassment With so muchdisinformation on the Internet, Ms.White created this site to helpTargeted Individuals criticallyevaluate information published onthe Internet.DEBRA DUPRE’SHuman Rights Examiner RightClick to open in separate browsertab.TI SAFE HOUSE BRITISHCOLUMBIA, CANADAHeriot Bay, British Columbia,CANADA. Contact Mary Lamont atwindintrees1@gmail or call 604-629- Above image from New Science Magazine, “Your9885 Brain on Hypnosis”. One way is to ask yourself if you are prone toT.I. SAFE HOUSE MONROE, newly acquired, irrational attitudes or behavior. AreLOUISIANA, USA you suddenly eating the one food you swore you’dContact Max Williams at never eat again? Are you listening to listeningmindovermonster@yahoo.com sports radio, which you’ve always hated, instead of classical music? Have you ever, without aT.I. SAFE HOUSE OAKLAND, CA, forethought or intention, attempted suicide?USAElizabeth Adams of Organized Crime Is the hypnosis-activated area prone to feelingWaves ocwinfo@gmail.com or call warmer than the rest of your head? T.I.s frequentlyher at 510-479-1313 report finding warm spots on their heads. If you’re not sure if you do, use your fingertips to feel thatMORE HELPFUL LINKS area. If your fingertip sensitivity has is reduced forA Word to the Wise T.I. whatever reason, then use the base of your palmC.A.T.C.H. Canada (the thickest part of your hand) and see if you canCredibility Reviews – Eleanor detect warmth over the hypnosis-activated area. White Testing should be done frequently,and especiallyElectronic Harassment – Eleanor right before you go to bed, and while you are in White bed. If this area is targeted, and is accompanied byFreedom from Covert Harassment repetitive rhythmic V2K or Sound-to-Skull, then you & Surveillance may be being prepared for hypnotic commandsHuman Rights Examiner – Deborah Dupre while you sleep.IAACEA – International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse To counteract possible attempts to plant hypnoticInfo You Want to Know (mainstream news articles) suggestions while you sleep, you’ll need toINFORACTION- Paolo Firori simultaneously play multiple radio talk shows (England) while you sleep: 6 radios, each tuned to a differentMicrowave Harassment and Mind channel. Play these radios all night. Not so loud as Control Experiments – Julianne to invite complaints from the neighbors, but loud McKinney enough that you can’t focus on what any oneMind Control Essays – Allen L. channel says. The resulting chaos will help you not Barker to ‘hear’ V2K hypnotic commands.Mind Control Forum – Yahoo groupMind Control Forums HomeMind Control Victim’s Voice – Another thing you should do is to protect that part Drahevil of your head when it is being heated: use yourMind Control: Technology, hands and arms to cover that part of the head Techniques, & Politics – by Allen while you sit or sleep. BarkerMulti Stalker Victims You can further shield your head with aMulti Stalker Victims Forum – construction made from various shielding Yahoo materials like silicon baking sheets, stainless steelNational Care Society – Elizabeth Adams or copper and Rubbermaid rubber bath mats.Organized Crime Waves – Elizabeth Adams For more Shielding Tips from the T.I. CommunityPreditory Gang Stalking go to:Pyschological Harassment Information Association http://www.freedomfchs.com/id12.htmlShoe String Radio – Eleanor WhiteStop Covert War Good luck! And may a Word to the Wise T.I. beStop O.S. in Nanaimo, Canada sufficient.Stop Organized Stalking Nanaimo – Debbie Newkirk POSTED BY WIZETI AT 5:45 PMTarg Comics – Eleanor White LABELS: DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON, ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT, GANGTargeted Individuals Of India STALKING, S2K, TARGETED INDIVIDUAL, V2KBLOG ARCHIVE LINKS TO THIS POST►  2010 (13) Create a Link▼  2009 (43) Newer Post Home Older Post ►  December (1) ►  November (9) ▼  October (8) SUBSCRIBE TO WISE TI ▼  Oct 31 (1) Posts

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